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How To Keep Toddlers Busy With Stickers

Mommies and daddies can often get exhausted from trying to keep up with a toddler’s nonstop energy and antics. What can parents do when they need a breather? Stickers are a great way to distract young children and keep them busy.

All you need to do is print custom stickers in shapes that you know will interest them. It can be something as simple as stars or hearts, or you can print stickers of your family members. Stick these on some thick paper and let your child turn it into an artwork. This will keep them occupied for a while and it requires almost no efforts on your part. If your children are a bit older, you can give them more craft supplies and motivate them to make something creative like a picture frame or a windchime decorated with your custom stickers.

You can keep some stickers, paper and pens in your handbag and give them to your child when you sit down at a restaurant or a coffee shop. This will give you at least enough time to eat your food in peace and if your child is creative, you can squeeze in some uninterrupted dessert too.

Creating art pieces with your children can also be made more fun using custom stickers. For example, you could ask them to draw their dreams for the future. A little girl might draw a castle and say she wants to be a princess. In this case, you can put a sticker of her on this picture and let her draw a crown on her own head. This is a wonderful way to get your children into art while simultaneously spending quality time with them. You could also create interesting family portraits to hang on the wall this way.