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It’s not really a mission for professional, established industrial cleaners to do these jobs

Although it has to be said that this long-established Mid-City cleaning company, like most other corporate enterprises, has its own unique mission statement. No doubt, this mission statement has been revised and adapted over the fifty years or so that the industrial cleaning services company has been in operation. The mission referred to in the article heading has to do with doing the jobs that others are not keen on or simply don’t have the time or expertise to carry out.

For instance, you could not possibly expect office workers to run up and about cleaning around their workstations, thus expensively taking up valuable production time. Among businesses, it is also standard practice, and works out to be more cost effective as well, to outsource cleaning services. Doing this allows for the office environment to be thoroughly and professionally cleaned from tip to toe. The company’s mission is to maintain, enhance and extend its reputation and standing as the leading industrial cleaning services company in the Twin Cities and throughout the United States.

This mission is a direct response towards engendering innovative solutions alongside ongoing exemplary service in a rapidly expanding commercial and industrial business environment. The cleaning teams are committed to delivering their established and new clients the best custodial services as well as general maintenance of work environments. An important inclusion in this service-influenced initiative is to attend diligently to floor care.

Alongside the company’s long-held mission statement are traditional goals and business philosophies unique to them. This includes the ability to always listen attentively and understand its clients’ immediate concerns with professional empathy. Further, responses to service requests are prompt and requisite deliveries are accordingly set in motion and scheduled at the convenience of clients.